Now polytechnic students will also ready for play in the industries sector

18 courses of polytechnic have been changed so that students can directly join the job. The Research Development Institute has revised the courses according to the industries and has been sent to Directorate of Technical Education. The help of professors of IIT Mumbai and IIM Ahmedabad has been taken. They have reviewed the course by 20 percent.
polytechnic students will also ready for play in the industries sector

Changes made in these courses

Diploma in Agricultural Engineering, Diploma in Sadrial Technology, PG Diploma in Customer Service Management, PG Diploma in Mass Communication, Diploma in Homocyns, PG Diploma in Computer Application, Diploma in Instruction and Control, Diploma in Printing Technology, Diploma in Chemical and Rubber Plastics , Diploma in Fashion Technology, Diploma in Fashion and Garment Diploma in PG Diploma in Tourism and Travel, Diploma in Library.
career with polytechnic in industries

To connect polytechnic students to employment, 20% change in the course every year. Its preparation has started. Changes in 18 courses have been sent. The help of IIT and IIM professors has been taken in this. All 58 courses will be changed till December.So far, polytechnic studies were on the old path but now they are ready to join them directly. There will be demand in markets and industries, they will be prepared under it. This is because polytechnic companies are coming in large numbers. In view of this, the level of education is also modernized. According to sources, gradually plans to replace all the 58 courses in Polytechnic. By December, all the courses will be shifted to Directorate Technical Education. Then the curriculum committee will finalize it and implement it.
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