Admission can be difficult for students from next year in Delhi University

The University's Admissions Committee is planning to bring the Aptitude Test from 2019-20. This test will be the eligibility test and the students who qualify it will be in the cutoff fight again. The committee believes that students from many states take admission in DU. Every state has a separate boarding scheme from the board exam pattern, in which DU is thinking of bringing this scheme to bring students to one level.
Admission can be difficult for students from next year in Delhi University

Associate professor Pankaj Garg says, the level of difficulty of the paper, marking scheme, moderation policy (allotment of numbers for good results) is different in all the board exams. Because of this, the students of the board of many states are benefitted, so many board students suffer losses. Due to this, the plan is to bring the Aptitude Test next year. The initial meetings are going on to discuss what will be the test, what will be the format, what the passing marks will be. Not the final yet. Minimum score for every course will be fixed. As in Maths' Aptitude Test, questions of number 25 can be asked from English and Math number 75. It would be necessary to bring at least 50 numbers (or something) in it. Admissions of students passing this test will be based on the 12th class number. If DU imposes this, then many students may be trapped. But an official of DU says that it is necessary to filter or else it can be seen in many colleges that got admission due to high scores, their result in the first semester is very poor.The sub-committee of the Admission Committee created for the 2018-19 session of the DU is made on the 'Online Test for UG Admissions', whose chairperson is Anula Maurya. According to its member associate professor Dr. Pankaj Garg, the committee has rejected the proposal to bring online tests in UG courses in the first meeting, but has admitted the eligibility test for filtration. This plan is for next year. This time the admissions process will be on cutoff like before.
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