Cabinet decides to open 24 new medical colleges

The Modi government has taken the initiative to implement the final full-time budget provision on February 1.Under this, decisions were taken in the direction of bringing the announced schemes in the Cabinet meeting under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday.The Cabinet decided to open 24 new medical colleges. According to the government this decision has been taken under the National Ayushman scheme. Apart from this, seats for existing colleges will also be increased. About 15 thousand crore rupees have been allocated for this. The PG seat in the country will now be 8,085. Apart from this, nursing institutes will also be opened.
Cabinet decides to open 24 new medical colleges

Research Fellowship Also Approved

The Cabinet has decided to start the PM Research Fellowship from the same year. Best Talent will be selected to do research. Every year 1000 students will be selected for this. Research in 1000 Best Students at IIT and IISc This research will not be a common research, but it will be on subjects like nanotechnology, artificial intelligence, developing new material. Best Talent will be selected from final year students doing B.Tech for IIT, NIT, Triple IT and ICSSR for PM Research Fellowship. They will get scholarships during PhD. 70 thousand rupees per month in the first and second year, 75 thousand rupees in the third year and 80 thousand rupees per month in the fourth and 5th year. After this he will get a job directly as assistant professor. Its purpose is to stop the good students from going out and to promote research.
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