Seats for girl students will increase in NIT

After the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), 31 National Institutes of Technology (NIT) is also in the process of promoting gender equality. In this regard, the Human Resource Development Ministry has sent circular to 31 NIT and Indian Institute of Engineering Science and Technology (IIEST) located in Shibpur. According to this circular, all these institutions have to enroll 14 per cent of the women this year. For this, if the institutions need to increase seats then they can also increase the number of seats. Earlier, IIT has also been sent circular in this regard.
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What is in the circular

It has been written in the circular that all the institutions have to increase the enrollment of girls in the BTech Program according to prescribed rules for the IIT. All institutions will have to enroll 14% in session 2018-19, 17% in 2019-20 and 21% girls in 2020-21. According to the circular, the number of seats for the students will not be reduced until the total performance of the students in JEE will be better than the girls. According to admission rules in NIT, half seats are reserved for the candidates of the state and the remaining seats are for candidates of other states.

Entrance examinations of engineering are so difficult that they need coaching and generally girls are not sent for coaching in cities like Kota and Hyderabad. Confirming the news, Lalit Awasthi, director of NIT, Jalandhar, said that the circular has been received by the ministry in which 14 percent of the seats have been asked to ensure girls. This step is being taken to promote the number of girls in the main institutes.
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