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If you want to work in the field of a rapidly emerging industry such as clean energy or artificial intelligence then in the future you have a good chance to become an Entrepreneur. However, you may not have the necessary skills to work in these areas. The future will be entirely dependent on technology, in such a situation, this area will give you more money and opportunities in future.The good thing is that now many new courses have been started to create a career in these new areas.
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Machine learning

Machine learning means to get the computer to think. In this, the computer is programmed to analyze the huge data and information. Like computers, it is learned to analyze the huge data, to understand faces, to understand the review of the goods and to process health data.This course has a score of 4.9 out of five on the basis of around 37 thousand reviews.

Virtual Reality Video Production

Due to cloud based storage and ultra-fast internet traffic is increasing on the video. In such a situation, the demand for people in the field of Virtual Reality video production is increasing. An online media site, Vocational, changed all of its content into video and they had immense success in it. There are many courses online and offline in video editing.


There is a profession related to the legal production and use of narcotics. Medicinal items such as ganja are illegal in most countries around the world, but they are used in the manufacture of painkillers and many other medicines. Baddenders are those experts who work between drug addicts and those who use them in medicines.

Fitness instruction

For those who are serious about physical fitness and believe in workouts, the future is full of opportunities for them. There is new trend in the fitness industry every day. The number of obesity people worldwide is increasing. In such a scenario, there has been a big boom in the fitness industry over the last few years.

Information Technology Security

The faster the IT sector has spread, the faster the hacking and cyber security problems have emerged. Maintaining privacy and securing information in cyber world is becoming challenging every day. In such a situation, the demand for professional people is increasing in the area of ​​cyber security and IT security. The IT security degree program is now being studied with other options of computer science. People studying in this area receive the highest entry level pay.

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