Students are upset by change pattern of UGC-NET

The candidates who had been giving UGC-Net so far had said that the questions which were asked before were varied. But the questions that were asked this time were different. Pankaj Tiwari, who came for the examination at the Kent Center, said that no candidate can remember the names of the writers of 100 books. A large number of books can not be read completely. But there was a lot of questions about authors and statement questions. Similar questions were asked in these topics, including Sociology, Economics, Education, Urdu.Candidates said that both morning paper of paper was not easy. The first and the second had 50-50 questions and all the questions were two-two digits. Preparations for current affairs came much more but only got two questions. There were more questions related to Reasoning and Mathematics. There were 75 questions in Paper-03, and most of the subjects in this paper were unusual. Overall paper was harder than usual. Negative markings will not be in UGC-Net.
UGC NET,UGC NET 2018,Students are upset by change pattern of UGC-NET

Candidates prepared like traditional papers were more worried. The names of the authors of the books, whose statement is such as the question papers filled with question papers, did not meet the expectations of the good paper. For all of the morning shift, only two questions of current affairs were asked in the compulsory paper.

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