Admission Process Start In Lucknow University For PG Courses

Applications will be started from Monday today (2nd April 2018) for admission to PG courses of Lucknow University. Candidates will be able to apply in MAs, M.Com MSc, LLB, Three Year, LLM, BPID, MPE and M.E. in the university. Form University can be filled through the website
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One form will be filled for these courses

The University Administration has issued a common form of many courses this time.They will be able to apply for many courses of the same nature throughout the same form. At the time of counseling, he will be asked what course he wants to enroll. MSc in Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, MSc in Botany-Plant Science and Microbiology, MSc in Physics-Electronics and Renewable Energy, MSc in Statistics and MA in Biostatistics, MA in MIH-Composite History and Western History, MA in Sociology and MA in Candidates will have to fill the same forms of the Vimies Studies. The entrance examination of all these courses will also be common. Apart from this, the Common Entrance Examination of MSc in Anthropology, MA Anthropology, MSc in Forensic Science, MA in Forensic Science, MA in Maths, MSc in Maths will also be organized. However, their form will be filled separately.


The entrance examination will be based on UG's syllabus. Leaving the law, the pattern of all PG courses will be the same. It will be a written examination, which will have three sections. In the first section, five questions will be asked for 5 number for each question. The answer must be given in 50 words. In the second section, 3 questions will be given, out of which two questions will be given in 150 words. It will be 15-15 points, whereas in the third section, one must answer in 300 words. This will be of 20 points, while the questions on the objective pattern in LLB and MCA will be asked. There will be 100 questions and every question will be of 4 marks. Questions will be asked by General Awareness, Logical Aptitude of Mental Ablality in LLB, while MCA will be involved in all three questions as well as Computer Science questions.
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