Now Students Learn English From Radio In MP

However, the government is doing a lot of new experimentation for improving education and the way to teach English from the radio is also part of the same link. If this experiment is successful, then the government will get rid of the lack of subject matter experts as other subjects will be taught after the same.Government is resorting to radio to teach English to school children from classes I to VIII. Children are being taught in radio programs broadcast on radio so that children can learn English.
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From Monday to Friday 12-12.30 pm, English is Fun label - from 12.30 am to 1 pm, students from class 3 to class 5 - from Monday to Friday for English Is Fun label - class 1 and 2 from Akashwani Center of the state. Is being broadcast from Monday to Wednesday.
There is a shortage of more than 50 thousand teachers in the schools of Madhya Pradesh and there is a lot of lack of teachers who teach English. In such a situation, the government says that if children can learn English through radio then there is no harm in it.
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