Upper age limit will be fixed for Nursery Admission

3+ children get admission in the nursery but there is a dispute between the parents and the schools about the upper age limit. There is no fixed formula for upper age limit. Sources reveal that the rules for the nursery admission this time will be for the nursery, the age limit can be 3 to 5 years. In the same way, the guidelines of Admission 4 to 6 in KG and 5 to 7 years in first class will be issued. A senior officer in the department says that the upper age limit was not fixed, but last year there was considerable controversy on this issue. This is the case even in the court.
Upper age limit will be fixed for Nursery Admission

The Education Department of Delhi Government has prepared for issuing guidelines for this and schedule can be issued in the next 2-3 days. A senior official of the Delhi Government said that the admission form, which was adopted last year in private schools, will remain the same. This means that schools will be allowed to make their own Admission Criteria this time too.Every year in January, there is Mission Nursery, for which the Admission Guidelines were issued in December. This time, it is only 2 months before the preparation of the guidelines. The court had also instructed that the Admission Guidelines should be issued in September-October, which will also ease the parents.
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