Build your career in water science as water scientists

Water science is a science related to earth's water and underground activities. This includes the physical, chemical and biological functions of water along with rocks and minerals present on earth, along with its interactions with live body compositions. Experts connected with hydrology are called water scientists.Subjects related to Hydromitryology,Surface,Hydrology,Hydrogeology,Drainage Basin Management and Water Quality are covered in this area. There are several branches like Chemical Hydrology, Ecological Hydrology, HydroInformatics Hydrology, Hydro Meteorology, Surface Hydrology.It means that you can also take care of your career in water and that too as a water scientist.
Build your career in water science as water scientists,career in water science

Many universities across the country conduct undergraduate and postgraduate courses in hydrology and water resources disciplines.Most of these courses are full-time but in some courses,admission can be entered as a modular course on a part-time basis.The first degree option is not as important for a career in hydrology, but the institution from which you are doing the course should be recognized.

Career opportunities:
By becoming a water scientist, you can get good salaries by working for many different types of organizations. Water Scientist is employed in government and non-governmental organizations on good pay scale. Apart from this, you can also work as a counselor. Such as providing services in civil engineering, environmental management and evaluation.


  • IGNOU,New Delhi
  • Indian Institute of Technology,Roorkee
  • Anna University,Tamilnadu
  • Shri Gurgoobind Singh G. College,Nanded
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