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How To Become Air Force Pilot

Become pilot in IAF (Indian Air Force)

Today we will tell you about the possibilities of career in Air Force India.

To become a pilot in Air Force,it is necessary to pass 12th class with 50 percent marks with PCM. Keep in mind that physics and mathematics are important topics for becoming a pilot.The applicant should be between 16 and 23 years of age and its length should be 162.5 cm (minimum) and at the height of its sitting should be between 81 cm and 96 centimeters.
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Educational requirements for become pilot in Indian Air Force,IAF.

The candidate must either be appearing or have passed 12th with Physics and Mathematics to appear for NDA exam and for CDSE,NCC Special Entry and AFCAT candidates must be a graduate.Engineering degree holders can also apply for CDSExamination.

Main entrance examinations for becoming a pilot in IAF

1. The NDA (National Defense Academy) examination is done by the UPSC twice a year. For this, you must be 16-19 years old and it is mandatory to have PCM and English subjects in class 12.Only male candidates can participate in this examination in May and December. After the NDA's written examination, SSB has a five-day interview. After the selection in this interview, you are given three years of training, after which the pilots can be appointed on the Permanent Commission in Indian Air Force.

2. Examination of CDS (Combined Defense Service) is also done by UPSC twice a year. For this, it is mandatory for candidates to have graduate, BE or BTech.Candidates should be 19-23 years old and only male candidates can apply for the post of the pilot.

3. Under the NCC Special Entry, candidates certified with C certificate can apply in the Senior Division from the Air Wing of National Cadet Corps.Candidates must have NCC certificates with 60% marks in the degree of graduate,BE or B.Tech.Age range is 19-23 years.In NCC Special Entry, you do not have to take a written examination and are called for direct SSB interview. After selection in SSB, you are sent to the training, from where you get off as an officer.

4. Examination of SSC (Short Service Commission) is organized by the Flying Branch of Indian Air Force,in which male and female candidates can apply.The selected candidates in the SSC are appointed on the short service commission of 14 years in the Air Force.For this,it is mandatory to have 60% marks with science subject at 12th and graduation level and to be certified with Senior Division in NCC Air Wing.For the SSC,the AFCAT (Air Force Common Admission Test) is organized twice a year.You can also see the official Air Force website for more information.

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