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Career Options After Completing MCA Degree

Career opportunities with MCA degree

There are many opportunities for employment with changing technologies and changing time and if you have completed the MCA degree then there are countless opportunities for you in the world of technology.You can choose your career based on your choice and specialization.Details of the various career options available after MCA mention below.
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Software developer/programmer/engineer

Software developers primarily do all the tasks related to thinking about,designing and maintaining a complex software system.Their job is to inspect and analyze the needs of their clients and to make IT services available and to design software based on the need of clients.This is a very challenging but creative field,where you can show your talent further than the typical coding skills.

Business analyst

The task of a business analyst is to find out the technical and non-technical aspects of the affiliated business and to make suggestions about important changes in their respective fields.As an MCA degree holder,it is believed that you have excellent data-crunching skills.If you combine these skills with your business and product management skills, then surely you will make a lot of progress in this field.


A Troubleshooter examines the problems of computer hardware and software and makes technology accessible to those who need technology.If any IT Issue arises in any company, then it is a Troubleshooter's job to fix the issue so that the projects can be completed at the scheduled time.They also have the responsibility to keep the necessary resources for the software engineers and other staff.If you like accepting challenges and whenever any job is entrusted to you,then you are good at presenting a solution that gives good results, then this job is absolutely perfect for you.

App developer

Nowadays,every company wants to make their products and services marketable by promoting them through mobile apps.Therefore,you can easily get a job in any company as an app developer but you have the appropriate skill set and passion for learning and you are fully updated with new market trends.This role is based primarily on considering mobile applications for iOS,Android,BlackBerry and Windows platforms.

Software consultant

The job of a software consultant is to provide the best software solutions and other appropriate feedbacks to evaluate and analyze business processes and to run the business efficiently.The first goal of any software consultant is to provide cost-effective business solutions to increase the sales process of the affiliate company.The most important thing about this profession is that,this profession gives you full financial independence as you can start your consultancy service under this job profile.

Software application architect

If you specialize in visualization and imaginary skills,then the role of software architect will prove to be a great career option for you.Software architects are involved in the high-level decision-making process in design and architecture of IT products and services.The important responsibility of any software application architecture involves the preparation of technical manuals and protocols such as tools, platforms and software coding standards.They are responsible for the smooth functioning of many software architectural models.

System analyst

System analysts work as an important person or officer between clients and software developers.As a system analyst,you should read detail business,business processes and models in order to design a great IT solution system for the purpose of software development,according to the needs of clients.

Technical Writer

A technical writer works to write technical documents such as user guides,manuals,product descriptions,white papers,project plans and design specifications.If you have great technical writing skills,then you can choose technical writing as your career option.For this with the attachment to gadgets and writing,you must have the passion to get information about latest technologies.

Hardware Engineer

A hardware engineer's job includes all the work related to computer hardware systems such as circuit boards,wires,hard disk,printers,computer chips,routers and keyboards.When working with computer system installation and testing, a hardware engineer should be enthusiastic to face significant challenges in order to ensure that the system is working without any interruption or hassle.The work of hardware engineers also includes work related to the production and testing of hardware equipments.

Web Designer & Developer

With the continued development of internet and online marketing, demand for web-designing has increased greatly.The work of a Web Designer is to work on designing and developing websites, thinking about websites based on the brief description given by clients.As a web designer,you should be quite imaginative and you must have the finest visualization skills.In order to design an attractive website, you must have appropriate creative senses in relation to colors,font styles and layouts. Besides,with good knowledge of HTML and Flash,you also have great information about software like Dreamweaver,CCS,Photoshop and Illustrator.

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